About us

Bohemia Cristal with headquarter in Selb was founded in 1975 and belongs today to one of the leading glass trading companies in Germany.

The company is able to offer a very large product range with traditional and modern glass art, because of very modern manufacturing plants. The range of products include mouth-blown and automatically made drinking glasses and gifts of crystal and soda glass, pressed glass, heat-resistant glass products of the brand SIMAX.

Regarding project business is Bohemia Cristal a professional and approved partner and offers beside the wide procurement, also the service of customized packaging and marketing concepts.

The factories which affiliate to the company network offer also a multifarious product portfolio. Kavalierglass produce pressed and blown heat-resistant glass like casseroles, tea cups, cake dishes and many more. You receive more information about Kavalierglass under: www.kavalier.cz

Under the brand Walther Glas pressed bowls and plates, plain or with decoration are distributed. More under: www.waltherglas.de.


The success of Bohemia lies in the unusually wide range of products including machine-made and mouth-blown drinking glass series and gifts, pressed glass, heat-resistant cookware as well as heat-resistant glass around the issues tea, coffee and hot drinks and lab and technical glass.


One special feature in the assortment are for example the glasses decorated with pantpgraphy as well as goblets with the technology "pulled stem". Pantography is an old glass art, which is incorporated by a special procedure into the glass. In contrast the glasses with "pulled stems" have a seamless transition from the goblet to the stem. Regarding their optic and impression they are comparable with mouth- blown glasses.


The items of the brand "Simax", which are made of borosilicate glass, are another central point in the assortment and include heat-resistant cookware and tea and coffee service. The Simax borosilicate glass exists since more than 170 years and has a surpassing hardness degree. So cold and heat don't matter to him. The Simax products are perfectly coordinated in form and function and guarantee highest hygienic use of food.


We offer our business partners a widespread service from consultation to logistics.

With us "the customer is a king", also in a globalized commercial market. Allowedly, the slogan is a little bit mouldy, but for us is the customer king. Because what count is to con- vince our customers of our qualitative high- class products via a personal and emotional speech.

Our Customer-Service-Center with high qualified employees is always available for you.


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Technical Glass:

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Show room

Bohemia Cristal presents in a show room with an area of 500 sqm a wide range of heat- resistant glassware, current packaging, modern and traditional drinking glass series      and gifts as well as laboratory and technical glass.


The big warehouse based in Selb, Germany with more than 25.000 square meter guarantees an adequate stock-keeping of the extensive assortment and a quick delivery capacity.