Management Assistant in Warehousing and Logistics

Management Assistants in Warehousing and Logistics work in the area of logistic planning and organization. Their tasks are the receipt of goods, the load of goods, storage of goods, transportation of goods and the packaging of goods. In addition the responsibilities enclose stock controls, the construction of loading lists or the handling of dispatch papers and shipping documents. Furthermore general/abstract demands are placed on the Management Assistant in Warehousing and Logistics, for example the handling of EDP Systems, the  knowledge of occupational safety and environment protection. The exposure to stock-keeping figures and fundamental terms of accounting is also expected, because of the regrouping of the job description and the connection with commercial professions. These contents allow the Management Assistant in Warehousing and Logistics a complete calculation of a stock. This is required to check and control the efficiency and the economy of the stock.



  • vocational education, employment law and collective bargaining law
  • accounting
  • safety and health protection at work
  • environment protection
  • logistical processes, quality saving measures
  • assignment of work equipment
  • employment system; information and communication
  • receipt of goods and storage of goods
  • picking and packing of goods 
  • dispatch of goods



  • 3 years
  • the apprenticeship will take place in the company and the vocational school in Hof



  • completed school education
  • team spirit
  • commitment
  • reliability
  • loyalty


Unfortunately for this job description is no education planned!