Management Assistant in Wholesale and Foreign Trade

Management Assistants in Wholesale and Foreign Trade buy goods and sell them to the trade, craft and industry. They arrange for economic stock-keeping and transport solutions. An essential target of their work is, to deliver goods within the agreed time to the right place. They advise the customers extensively of the product quality and additionally they offer service for financing and marketing. Management Assistants in Wholesale and Foreign Trade observe the market and pass their information also down to the producers. They execute the aforementioned tasks independently.



  • consulting with clients, customer orientation
  • develop and cultivate the customer and supplier relations
  • disposal, stocking and sale
  • correspondence with customers and suppliers (by telephone, in writing, or prsonally) and also in a foreign language
  • marketing
  • calculation and pricing
  • finance and accounting, controlling
  • administration
  • logistics
  • Foreign Trade: for example the handling of documents
  • IT-Insights



  • 2-3 years (depending on your school qualification)
  • the apprenticeship will take place in the company and the vocational school



  • completed school education
  • team spirit
  • commitment
  • reliability
  • loyalty


Begin: 1st September each year