Bohemia Cristal was founded in 1975 on April 19 as a trading company for Bohemian glass by the German businessman Günter Weidemann and the former Czechoslovakian export trading company Glasexport in Liberec. The registration in the commercial register took place in May 1975 in Hanover.


In 1978 Bohemia Cristal acquired the buildings of the former porcelain factory 'Christoph Krautheim' in Selb. Then in February 1979 they transfer the location from Hanover to Selb. Therewith the company secured a location in the middle of Europe and forms also a logistical centre for the European glass market.


The development of the young company was very rapid in the first years: The number of employees increased with in five years from four to 34 employees and in 1982 the sales volume counted already 25 Million D-mark. 1989 the company achieved for the first time a sales volume over 50 Million D-mark. The personnel maximum was in 1993 with ca. 102 employees. In the following years the number of employees settles down at 85 employees. Today there are over 50 employees in Selb and the company belongs, due to its sales volume, to one of the biggest glass trading companies of Germany.


Since the beginning of time Bohemia Cristal works closely with many Czech glass works and other glass producers from all over the world. During the years developed two trademarks which stand still today for high-class quality of the company:

The brand 'Bohemia Cristal', which make an exquisite and modern program of drinking glasses and gifts available for trade as well as the brand 'Simax'. She has become a constant on the international market. The heat-resistant glass makes roasting, baking and cooking possible in the oven and microwave. Less known, is that famous producers of coffee machines will be provided with glass jugs from Bohemia and also technical glass for well-known affiliated groups is made available by Bohemia.

On the basis of a reorganisation became Bohemia Cristal in 1999 wholly owned subsidiary of Bohemia Crystalex Trading with headquarter in Prague, Czech Republic.


The year 2005 was very significant for the company in Selb. On the one hand Bohemia Cristal celebrated his 30-year-old existence in April and on the other hand started a yearlong co-operation with the German TV station VOX and the German cooking show 'Schmeckt nicht - gibt's nicht' with the star cook Tim Mälzer from Hamburg. In that cooking show Tim Mälzer used i.a. products of the brand 'Simax'.


Since the middle of 2007 is the appointed Eurotoques cook Gerald Fütterer from the cooking school 'esscapade' in Reichenbach/Fils, Germany co-operation partner of Bohemia Cristal. He recommends for the preparation of healthy and tasty food the new generation of the brand 'Simax'.


In 2008 Bohemia Cristal was glad about the nomination of the drinking glass series 'Vicenza' for the German Design Award. The drinking glass series 'Vicenza' was developed from the Bohemia Crystalex Trading. The company also celebrated in 2008 the 30-year-old existence of the location Selb.


Since October, 2009 belongs the Bohemia Cristal trading company in Selb no longer to the Bohemia Crystalex Trading, but has a new owner and is therefore an independent company. The new owner, Otakar Motka, is a businessman from the Czech Republic. He acquired at the beginning of October 2009 100% of the shares of the company. In the future it should still count on heat-resistant glassware, technical glass and lab glass. Furthermore other co-operations with highly productive manufacturing plants should protect the future of the company.
True to this motto Bohemia Cristal presented in February at the Ambiente in Frankfurt/Main. For the first time there was a common presentation with the sister  Kavalierglass, Sazava, Czech republic, after its acquisition by Otakar Motka in October 2009.


Bohemia Cristal celebrated 2010 35 years of glass art, innovation and modernity. On the occasion of this anniversary Bohemia Cristal presented impressive glass and marketing concepts. They included drinking glasses and gift items manufactured in pure design by first-class production technologies and product innovations in cooking, stocking and hot drinks, which expand the range of fire-resistant glassware of the brand SIMAX.


Mr. Otakar Motka took over the company Walther Glas locatated in Bad Driburg (GER) in September. Walther-Glas Deutschland GmbH, how the company operates in the future, belongs now to the affiliate group of  Bohemia Cristal in Selb and Kavalierglass in Sazava (CZ).

The product spectrum of manufacturing in Bad Driburg (GER) includes among others pressed bowls and plates, plain or with decoration as well as articles of the brand 'Love Plates'.

Walther-Glas will run as a completely independent company and will continue his role through the use of existing synergies within the new joint company.


The first joint appearance and presentation of the company group of Mr. Otakar Motka, consisting of the companies Bohemia Cristal Handelsgesellschaft mbH, Kavalierglass a.s. and Walther Glass Germany GmbH, at Ambiente 2012 in Frankfurt am Main.


Joint appearance and presentation of the company group, consisting of the companies Bohemia Cristal Handelsges. mbH, Kavalierglass a.s. and Walther Glas Trading, at Ambiente 2013 in Frankfurt am Main.


In July 2013, the Bohemia Cristal Handelsgesellschaft mbH, has taken over the logistics and distribution of the products of the brand 'Love Plates' from the sister company Walther Glas Trading in Bad Driburg. The product range includes plates and bowls as well as vases and dip bowls in more than 30 different colours.


February 2014 at fair Ambiente in Frankfurt/Main was introduced the new collection Eco Pure by Walther Glas. Eco Pure is a brillant drinking glass collection, which is produced ecological free from lead and heavy metals to ISO 9001 from Kavalierglass in Sazana (CZ).

In October 2014, the glass trading company Bohemia Cristal from Selb took over the insolvent company Technische Glaswerke in Ilmenau, Thuringia. The new company will continue to operate under the name 'Ilmaborglass GmbH' with about 100 employees. Thus, the company group around Kavalierglass, based in Prague, expands its position as leading manufacturer of technical glass and heat-resistant household glass in Europe.


At the international fair Ambiente 2015 in Frankfurt/Main the company group presented with a new placement in Hall 4.2 at booth C33 and shows next to many novelties the new collection 'Play of Colors'. 'Play of Colors' convinces with many coloured glass products, that delight young and old. No matter if wine glass, tumbler, carafe or bowl, candle holder or vase - the decoraions ideas are endless.

In 2015 Bohemia Cristal also celebrates its 40th anniversary. Since 1975 the company offers a large product range, which enclose the whole range of traditional and modern glass art.


Kavalierglass is always striving to create new and innovative products, like the new collection called 'Kavalier Design', which was extended in 2015 to exceptional lighting objects. Lighting objects for new perspectives from the ceiling or as a floor lamp. Excellent quality of SIMAX borosilicate glass gives the objects also special characteristics.


'Play of Colors' moves into the kitchen! The popular 'Play of Colors' products has been expanded. Under the new brand 'Play of Colors Cooking' complete roasting and baking dishes, bowls and plates in the modern colorus white, grey and rose, the color trend 2016. With their "made in Germany" ceramic colours and the familiar tried-and-tested quality of the series, these new dishes offer all of the advantages of the popular heat-resistant borosilicate glass kitchenware. Their pleasing form allows them to blend in harmoniously with any well-laid table.

Under the new brand philosphy 'Bohemia Selection' will be new and already existing collections in the program. So the new collection brand will include drinking glass collections in clear variants or decoration variants such as pantography. Also a wide range of decorative ad gift articles made of crystal glass or soda-lime glass.

Ambiente 2016

Also this year presented Bohemia Cristal successful his novelties again at the fair Ambiente in Frankfurt. On the common booth C33 in Hall 4.2, together with Kavalierglass the visitors could get into the excitement of the new ranges of the brands SIMAX, SIMAX exclusive and Bohemia Selection. And brand new this year presented right next door the brand 'Play of Colors' and the new theme 'Play of Colors Cooking' on its own little booth (D43). 

Ambiente 2017

At this year's trade fair Ambiente in Frankfurt/Main, Bohemia Cristal presented all his brands together with Kavalierglass on the booths C33 and D43 in hall 4.2. At the booth D43 the articles and novelties brands 'Play of Colors' and 'Play of Colors Cooking' fascinated the visitors. And the booth C33 impressed with great glass designs, impressively set in scene, and innovative novelties around the brands Bohemia Selection, SIMAX and SIMAX exclusive. In addition, this year, for the first time, there was a cooking presentation with a dishwasher and microwave. So that the visistors were able to convince themselves of the high practicality of the SIMAX articles.

180 years - Kavalierglass


In 1837 František Kavalír started production of laboratory glass at the Svatoprokopská glass manufacturing plant in Sázava. And today, after 180 years, the glassworks Kavalierglass is a progressive and economically stable company with a melting capacity of over 220 tons of glass per day, which makes it the largest producer of borosilicate glass in the world.


historical milestones of Kavalierglass

Teapot Matura in Guinness Book of the Czech Republic

On the occasion of the company's anniversary, Kavalierglass produced the well-known teapot 'Matura' of the brand SIMAX with a capacity of 180 liters and made it into the Guiness Book of the Czech Republic.

The glass vessel made of borosilicate glass has a height of about 82 cm and a diameter of about 65 cm, like the original, the teapot was equipped with a plastic lid and handle. On 3rd June 2017, in celebration of the company's 180th anniversary, the record was officially added to the Czech Book of Records.

Ambiente 2018

At Ambiente 2018 in Frankfurt am Main, Bohemia Cristal once again presented all its brands at booths C33 and D43 in Hall 4.2. Visitors were inspired on the booths by the innovative novelties of the company group. The popular 'Play of Colors cooking' products presented themselves in a new granite optic and at the 'Play of Colors' products, visitors were able to enjoy products with Christmas motifs. The brand philosophy Bohemia Selection convinced i.a. with trend glasses for the local bar and under the theme 'Ice & Fire', the visitors were awaiting numerous double-walled products of the brand SIMAX exclusive. The visitors were enthusiastic about the many new products and competencies and were advised and informed in detail by the employees from Selb and Sazava.

Analytica 2018

At the Analytica 2018 international leading trade fair for laboratory technology, analytics and biotechnology, Kavalierglass and the Bohemia Cristal trading company presented from April 10 to 13 in Munich their high-quality and proven products around technical and laboratory glass of borosilicate glass 3.3. of the brand SIMAX.



Common fair presentation of Kavalierglass and Bohemia Cristal at the world's leading trade fair for process technology and world forum ACHEMA 2018 in Frankfurt am Main. From 11th to 15th June 2018, visitors were able to enjoy the high-quality and proven products for technical and laboratory glass made of borosilicate glass 3.3. of the brand SIMAX at the exhibition stand.

Ambiente 2019

Bohemia Cristal introduces on the Ambiente also in 2019 numerous novelties of all brands. From 8.-12. February, 2019, visitors and customers could discover many new products from the wolrd of glass at the booths C33 and D43 in hall 4.2. In the aera of sustainability, Bohemia Cristal relies on drinking straws made of glass. However, the company also presented various types of hot beverage products, some of them double-walled. In addition, new storage jars decorated in colour with wooden lid were presented as well as drinking glass collections focusing on optics and pantography. Many positive discussions, a good atmosphere and an increased number of visitors satisfied the visitors and employees of Bohemia Cristal.

Fit for Future: glass drinking straws

Sustainable, food-safe and tasteless - these are the new glass straws of Bohemia Cristal, which were developed together with Kavalierglass. In order to reduce plastic waste and to prevent the prohibition of the EU on plastic straws, the company network offers an alternative made of glass. So it doesn't have to be renounced in the gastronomy or in any household on the drinking straw with cocktails, long drinks and much more.

The new glass straws are presented in various sizes, in a straight shape and with the familiar and typical crease. From soft drinks over water and juices or smoothies from low glasses to drinks from bottles up to 0.5 liters or latte macchiato and long drinks, the glass straws offer an environmentally friendly alternative.

Thanks to the special nature of the used borosilicate glass, the glass straws are robust and dishwasher-safe.

Ambiente 2020

Visitors to Ambiente 2020 booth of Bohemia Cristal and Kavalierglass were able to discover numerous innovations from the world of glass. For all trends related to coffee and tea, Bohemia Cristal is focusing this year on varied products from this area, including teapots and glasses in various versions. Further ideas on sustainable glass drinking straws were also presented at the fair, and next to new drinking glass series with different decoration variants also a new gift collection with vases, bowls and plate was also presented. In addition, the newly developed coating for articles from the brand SIMAX exclusive made of heat-resistant borosilicate glass for use on the induction cooker was an innovative focus. Pots of different sizes and a jug were presented here.


Bohemia Cristal celebrates in 2020, already 45 years of glass art, innovation and modernity. On the occassion of this anniversary Bohemia Cristal presents the new concept 'Tea and Coffee Glass Selection'.

Tea and Coffee have been trendy for years. Because both drinks are a popular companion throughout the day. Thanks to its core competence in heat-resistance glass, Bohemia Cristal is the right partner.  You can never have enough glasses, cups and jugs for the many variations round about the issue coffee and tea, so in 2020 Bohemia Cristal will be using heat-resistant borosilicate glass from the brand SIMAX under the new collection 'Tea and Coffee Glass Selection'. So there are glass teapots with a traditional spout or teapots that are perfectly combined with stainless steel or plastic accessories. Matching this, Bohemia Cristal has tea glasses, which shapes ranges from classic to modern, sometimes with glass saucers in the range. The topic is rounded off with glasses and cups for coffee specialties, espresso cups and a coffee maker.