Care ideas for glasses

  • Glasses of soda glass and crystal glass as well as lead crystal without coloured decoration are suitable for use in a dishwasher! However, the glasses should be washed with a careful washing program of the machine or not more than 60° C.
  • It should be used customary, mild washing-up liquids. This applies to rinse aid too. It is to be pointed out the hardness grade of the respective region and to balance accordingly with regeneration salt. Because of aggressive base and raised water hardness it can come to diffusions of the glass.
  • If you fill the dishwasher, please pay attention that the glasses don’t lie to one another or touch other filling property. There is a risk that the glasses scratch during the rinse cycle.
  • Never give glasses with golden decoration in the dishwasher! Glasses with another coloured decoration only give in the dishwasher if it is marked on the product or on the packaging.
  • We recommend: to wash high-quality glasses with little washing-up liquids via hand and afterwards to dry with a soft cloth.