Sand blasting technique:
The glass surface is matting by firing fine sand with the blower.


Soda: Is the name for soda carbonate that is used as flux material in the glass batch.


Soda-lime glass: The glass contains sand (SiO2), sodium (Na2O), lime (CaO) and some parts of other substances such as some for colouring. Soda-lime glass is translucent and is characterized by a flat, non-porous surface that can be cleaned easily. In practice industrially produced glasses are most made of soda-lime glass, these includes i.a. beverage bottles, drinking glasses or food jars.


Spinning rod:
Is an iron bar where the glass is “fixed” on. It is used directly after the cracking from the blowpipe at the further processing of glass.


Glass defect, causes by imperfect glass melting and which are immediately recognizable.