Decanter "Milano"

The shapely and noble decanter with handle is not only for wine a suitable jug but the decanter 'Milano' offers also an ideal possibility to serve juice and water. Additionally, the mouth-blown decanter is provided with a well- formed glass socle. Last but not least he is also available in an attractive gift box.

soda-lime glass, with handle


  • decanter 'Milano'
    - volume ~ 1200 ml


  • gift box

Decanter 'Merlot' and 'Multiuso'

For the perfect pleasure of wine! The noble decanters 'Merlot' and 'Multiuso' give the wine the possibility to release its complete bouquet and thanks to the shape the wine is gaining moisture and suppleness. Both decanters are handmade and mouth-blown, thus they receive a special uniqueness. And with the decanter 'Multiuso' with handle also warer and juices can be served perfectly. 

soda-lime glass, mouth-blown, handmade

Decanter (from left to right):

  • decanter 'Merlot'
    - volume ~ 1500 ml
  • decanter 'Multiuso' with handle
    - volume ~ 1200 ml


  • industrial carton