assembly of glass apparatus

Guarantees for correct and safe operation are only granted in the case that the assembly and commissioning have been carried out professionally in accordance with the accompanying technical documentation and by technicians who have been approved for work with glass equipment (assembly men of the Glass Works or individuals tested and approved by the Kavalierglass).

The assembly is to be carried out exclusively according to the contract documents approved by the customer. In case the apparatus assembly is to be carried out in a way different from that specified by the documentation, each such change should be approved in advance by the designer or the customer should write a record in the assembly log book and make a change in the documentation.

Inspection of the building site before the assembly includes inspection of building preparedness of the rooms intended for installing the apparatus and the rooms for assembly preparation. At the same time, realization of the construction is inspected with respect to safety during assembly. Taking-over of connecting points applies particularly to technological piping to which the apparatus is to be connected and on which the assembly depends.

Glass as well as non-glass parts are wrapped in disposable packing. Only non-damaged parts of equipment can be assembled. Immediately before assembly, the glass parts should be cleaned to get rid of impurities. Fittings should be checked for conditions of seats, cones and all parts should be cleaned. The assembly of supporting structures, fastening stirrups, supporting beds and frames is carried out according to drawings and approved drawing documentation.

The assembly of parts is carried out by means of suitable mechanization tools in compliance with safety regulations. During fixing vertical sections of glass apparatus, it is necessary to meet the condition of a single firm support to prevent creating stress in glass parts. In case the whole weight of the apparatus cannot be fixed to a single support it is necessary to use one fixed support and other sliding supports. The main (fixed) support is to be fastened to a strength-appropriate glass part so that as large as possible part of weight of the apparatus is fixed completely. None of movable parts of the seating may be seized or twisted. Care should be taken to ensure that the assembly setting of movable parts of seating allows for the range of dilatation movement during operation.

The apparatus should be sufficiently secured in stability by assembly elements so that a forced assembly cannot cause a stress in glass parts. PTFE expansion joints are mounted so that they not only compensate dilatations in the direction of the piping line axis but also prevent transferring vibrations.